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Mar 1, 2023 6:50am
The reception staff seemed surprised to see us. “Very late” was the comment, to which we replied “Indian Railways -train delayed”. They showed us to a dingy room off reception. It was riddled with mosquitos and filthy. We spent 15 minutes swatting them with towels and covering ourselves in insect repellent, and then headed to the rooftop restaurant. Everyone was sat inside in an awful room due to the mozzies, and we were too scared to eat, looking at how dirty everything was. We gave up and went back to the room. By now the bed was literally crawling with mosquitoes, large black ants and tiny, very fast, black bugs. I felt sick at the thought of lying on it.

India - 2023

Feb 14 - Apr 4, 2023
The Long Awaited Gap Year

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