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kristeve2015 Ubud, Indonesia: Words can't describe what this is like. You are in their house..they walk by you like 2 humans passing each other on Yonge St. It is so weird I tell you. You are on edge the whole time because we are only guests in their jungle.

vincesrugbyworld Palmerston North, New Zealand: Snaps with the capping cap - Time to take it back

kristeve2015 Denpasar, Indonesia: See you Royal Beach Hotel you were absolutely stunning! Sad to go as we were treated like royalty here but we look forward to our new adventure in Ubud.

Kimberly Harty Los Angeles, United States: Hey Farva, what's the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the wall?

angycat Trieste, Italy: #todayimet @yowzasab, a new friend of our community @igersfvg. Her photos are amazing, soft and peaceful!!! #wwim12 #wwim12grado

angycat Trieste, Italy: #todayimet strange people in #Grado #wwim12 #wwim12grado

angycat Ancona, Italy: Riot #mypicsong #aucan .

#nofilter #assembleaigersitalia2015 #destinazionemarche

kristeve2015 Denpasar, Indonesia: This hotel is amazing!!!! This is the view from our villa. We have our own pool!!!!

kristeve2015 Denpasar, Indonesia: At the world famous Rock Bar eagerly awaiting the best sunset in Bali.... Good thing Steve is a travel agent or we would've never gotten in..... ;)

vincesrugbyworld Rome, Italy: Mm Pizza!!! #vincesrugbyworld #roadtorugbyworldcup #allblacks #rugbykid #rwc

angycat Trieste, Italy: #todayimet for the first time @madame_aramis in the wonderful #grado for #wwim12 #wwim12grado #livefolk #liveauthentic

Craig811 Las Herrerías, Spain: Heading towards Sarria

Kimberly Harty Juneau, United States: ❤️✈️

Michael601 Sacramento, United States: Having coffee with my beautiful Daughter Amber

Craig811 Las Herrerías, Spain: Robyn and Ross on the road to Sarria

Nur Syafiqah Singapore, Singapore: Touchdown..!! I'm home..!!

Craig811 Sarria, Spain: 2nd day we have walked in the rain in 30 days of walking. Whilst it was wet, it wasn't cold. We left Sarria heading for Portomarin with a lot of new pilgrims starting as this is a very popular place to begin.

Gustino Travel Kuching, Malaysia: Lama x dtg

Vera821 Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona in the rain...still pretty! :) #barcelonacitytour #rain #palace

vincesrugbyworld Rome, Italy: Ciao Roma, London here we come #rwc #allblacks #vincesrugbyworld #roadtorugbyworldcup #rugbykid #italiansteezin

Bock Chuan Bangkok, Thailand: Resturant by the beach

Bock Chuan Galle, Sri Lanka: IMG_6592

Bock Chuan Chiang Mai, Thailand: Isn't this therapeutic when u lie down and get a massage....with such view

Bock Chuan Frankton, New Zealand: IMG_0332

Gustino Travel Singapore, Singapore: Ready for B2B

vincesrugbyworld Stuttgart, Germany: #ferrari stalking
#vincesrugbyworld #rugbykid #rwc2015 #allblacks roadtorugbyworldcup

Vera821 Blanes, Spain: Una cerveza, por favor :)

Kimberly Harty Anchorage, United States: Completely honored and flattered by this #wcw that @flywdanandlucia did for me. #Eyebrowsonfleek #aviatrix #artwork ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Bock Chuan Istanbul, Turkey: favorite cat of Jessie....who just go crazy over cat

Bock Chuan Chiang Mai, Thailand: Can't help but kept snapping at the fluffy clouds

Bock Chuan Chiang Mai, Thailand: Swimming pool

Bock Chuan Chiang Rai, Thailand: It was pitch dark....and sudden a tiny streak of first light broke the clouds......

Bock Chuan Samut, Thailand: Lo Di Chia.....

Bock Chuan Bangkok, Thailand: Outside Don Mueang international airport. Water slightly below knee level

Bock Chuan Bangkok, Thailand: Amphawa Floating market

Bock Chuan Mumbai, India: IMG_0268

Bock Chuan Lhasa, China: Having a chat under the tree

Bock Chuan Lhasa, China: Om Mani Padme Hum- the six word mantra....sum it all.

Bock Chuan Mumbai, India: IMG_0335

Bock Chuan Mumbai, India: IMG_0340

Bock Chuan Frankton, New Zealand: IMG_0194

Ha Sacramento, United States: Llama and Wild Boar Burgers!

Tom Moscow, Russia: Photo exhibit #moscow #russia

Bock Chuan Chiang Mai, Thailand: The room was good and very comfortable...though i wish i had better roommate...lol

Bock Chuan Lijiang, China: Back to Basics.

Bock Chuan Mumbai, India: IMG_0233

Bock Chuan Lhasa, China: Another interesting phenomenon in tibet is that some locals will demand for some token sum of money if you took photo of them. They are very outright to negotiate with you.

Bock Chuan Lukla, Nepal: A kid looking at us beside the sign which show 5170m

ainsleytf Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Shisha

kristeve2015 Ubud, Indonesia: This is the pathway leading to our cabin. There is wildlife everywhere!

ainsleytf Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland city, NZ

kristeve2015 Denpasar, Indonesia: Our first full day in Bali was spent walking around doing a little shopping!! Luckily for the merchants in Bali, Steve was a little off his game today..... We did get some great deals in spite of it though!!
I wish we could post video of the traffic here.... The streets are very narrow and there are cars and scooters everywhere driving where ever they like.... The people on scooters are absolutely insane!! They drive the wrong way in the wrong lane, they cut off cars and drive on the sidewalks.... It's absolute bedlam!

Tom Moscow, Russia: Nice view from bridge #moscow #russia

angycat Treviso, Italy: Oggi si parla di #IoT internet of things al #Tday in @Unindustria #Pordenone. @giannibarbon introduce l'incontro http://t.co/6xxE4M01YC

Alejandra201 Lima, Peru: Feliz día del tripulante!!!!!

Bock Chuan Christchurch, New Zealand: IMG_0982

Bock Chuan Frankton, New Zealand: IMG_0306

ashleytagen Reykjavík, Iceland: Spent the morning floating! #blue #bucketlist✅ #Iceland

Emma642 Ubud, Indonesia: So many margaritas

narja1000 Pisa, Italy: A charmosa Lucca

Loriene London, United Kingdom: Coffee and pastries with LK.

kristeve2015 Ubud, Indonesia: The monkeys just leap on you with out warning. You will be walking and out of nowhere a monkey jumps on you back like a football tackle and climbs up on you!!

Jess251 Siena, Italy: Turned into a rainy day so we spent more time inside that usual. This is the ceiling of the Piccolominea Library! I just about did a full back bend to get this much in frame ha ha! The colors are astounding!

angycat Ancona, Italy: I saluti delle autorità a #filottrano. Grazie per l'ospitalità!!! #destinazionemarche #AssembleaIgersitalia2015 http://t.co/zA7cyw8GJl

Bock Chuan Colombo, Sri Lanka: IMG_6715

Bock Chuan Galle, Sri Lanka: IMG_6482

Craig811 Las Herrerías, Spain: More Triacastela to Sarria sights

Gustino Travel Singapore, Singapore: JB at night. Singapore across the strait.

Michael601 Sacramento, United States: Getting supplies together for trip

Bock Chuan Mumbai, India: IMG_4177

Bock Chuan Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka: IMG_6181

ainsleytf Auckland, New Zealand: 终于可以大口呼吸了 #mariobros

Emma642 Ubud, Indonesia: Binturong love ❤️

Katherin Lunenburg, Canada: We finally got a selfie stick! Lol

Nur Syafiqah Singapore, Singapore: #usa #iowa #bloomsbury #gep #attachment #photography #sunset #scenery #farm - Need I say more?

narja1000 Siena, Italy: MUST Visit: Siena ✔️ Cidade encantadora

Bock Chuan Chiang Rai, Thailand: It became stronger....and love the clouds and the colors......amazing

Bock Chuan Samut, Thailand: Absolutely love the clouds there

Bock Chuan Dali, China: beautiful creation from mother earth

Bock Chuan Bangkok, Thailand: IMG_2691

Nur Syafiqah Narita, Japan: I'm coming home..!!

Loriene London, United Kingdom: What does his mean?

kristeve2015 Ubud, Indonesia: We rode an elephant today!!!! Wow what an experience!

Vera821 Sofia, Bulgaria: Добро утро! Небето току що се включи! :) #morning #sky #onfire

Margaret561 Nashville, United States: Miranda Lambert, the Gaitlin brothers.

wanderwoman61 Hội An, Vietnam: The citadel, royal forbidden city and the Thien Mu pagoda , Hue.

Vera821 Barcelona, Spain: Casa Battló #barcelona #gaudi #autumn #architecture #barcelonacitytour

Tom Moscow, Russia: Kremlin #moscow #russia

Davekberry Memphis, United States: This is the piano Ike Turner would bash out a tune on.... Before he moved on to bashing Tina #justsaying

Bock Chuan Chiang Rai, Thailand: It cost a bomb to stay here a night...more than THB13,000 a night....so we only managed to have dinner here...

Bock Chuan Mumbai, India: It is always the food that makes u miss home

Bock Chuan Xialong, China: our jeep convoy lining up .....

Bock Chuan Christchurch, New Zealand: Grim reminder of the 2 major earthquake in Christchurch

Bock Chuan Frankton, New Zealand: IMG_0340

Bock Chuan Frankton, New Zealand: IMG_0273

Tamer Paris, France: Always Keep in Mind ;)

Nur Syafiqah Singapore, Singapore: Here to satisfy my craving. It's been 2 months. Or more. Since my last.

Kimberly Harty Los Angeles, United States: I wanted to preserve this snapchat moment for longer than 24 hours. No airplanes, no travels, just the end of an amazing day with my girls. @elle_oh_ @kacienaynay @gabisaurus

Gina701 Trieste, Italy: Zafferana

vincesrugbyworld Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo nights were alright