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May 24, 1:00am
Welcome lunch with the students and the 9 lawyers who will be teaching different days of the course.
Palma De Mallorca, Spain
May 23, 10:41pm
Ung Campus Dutra
May 23, 7:17pm
Finalizando o semestre aí vira aquela correria... #facul #aviation #ung
United Kingdom
Wetherspoons Beccles
May 15, 11:20am
Another Wetherspoon's! This time for a coffee!
United States
Hoschton Park
May 14, 11:40am
My nephews are in the Soccer Playoffs
United Kingdom
Sugardumplin Camberley
May 15, 8:16pm
Dat rum doe #sugardumplin #sugardump
The Original Backpackers
May 15, 3:03pm
First weekend back in Griffith #pokemonball #griffith #itsaworkinghostel #backpackers #dressup
GPS Location
May 5, 6:10am
Sonnenaufgang im Wasserpalast
TVR Televiziunea Romana
May 24, 7:12pm
United Kingdom
Giant's Causeway
May 25, 1:19pm
I first took the path that looks down on Giant's Causeway, which delayed seeing it but gave some great pictures.
Hong Kong
GPS Location
May 25, 7:20am
I got a sticker and a special transit thing for transfer from Hong Kong to my Singapore flight!
United Kingdom
Labrador Bay
May 22, 6:30pm
Completed test runs, includng loading successfully! A brief stop with great views on the way home. Just 4 days until we leave now!
Maia, Porto, Portugal
May 20, 2:24pm
Session of 1 hour running
Bugis Street
May 15, 10:35pm
Jadi tourist guide
United Kingdom
May 22, 6:26am
Congratulations beautiful Stephanie & Luke :)! I felt so blessed to be at your beautiful wedding and to get to meet all the beautiful people in your...
United States
Statue Of Liberty at Liberty Island
Laguna Bacalar
May 22, 10:56pm
Moon-rise over Lake Bacalar
GPS Location
May 22, 8:40am
The steward left a dog behind I guess he's blind
GPS Location
May 1, 5:20pm
Ziegenhirte bei der Arbeit
Panajachel, Lago Atitlán, Guatemala
May 15, 9:50pm
Nothing makes me happier than eating homemade empanadas, feeding dogs, and drinking a cold Gallo beer while listening to Mana at a street food place!...
Plitvice Lakes National Park
May 19, 10:35am
Waiting patiently, a little chilly outside this morning.
United States
East Side, Denver
May 15, 5:36pm
The new digs! Back on the grid a while. #chelletravels #wanderlust #skipnchelleseethecountry
United States
Wizbang Bar
May 13, 3:25pm
The eyes are definitely bigger than the stomach! Especially after a Reuben dog from Olympia Provisions and a bowl of ramen from Merken. Pine Street...
United Kingdom
GPS Location
May 22, 2:50pm
Small medieval doors
Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba
May 23, 5:14pm
Dad and Sam on the boat dock
The Cat Museum, Muses & Mansion of Singapore
May 24, 9:31am
"Gunnar likes the bed with hair better !!
United Kingdom
The Reach - climbing wall
May 24, 6:56pm
Practicing the grip
United States
Winspear Opera House
May 21, 8:54pm
full day, now at the ballet #ballet #art #weekend #dallas
May 22, 2:06pm
April with the girls
United Kingdom
Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway
May 9, 6:08pm
Beautiful scenery
United States
Lee-Davis High School
May 20, 8:26pm
Good times playing with the Lee-Davis Jazz Band tonight!
May 10, 8:34am
@praguelions11 and I decided to get crazy and explore this beautiful Himalayan town on motorbikes. We somehow managed to stay on the correct side of...