Jauntlet Privacy Policy

June 7, 2022

Registration and Content

When you register and use Jauntlet, you submit various information including your email, location, travel plans, messages, comments, and photos. This is stored indefinitely until you delete it, explained below. Tom's Apps, LLC will not sell or use your content for purposes outside of Jauntlet.

There are three main types of content that you create on Jauntlet and each has its own privacy settings and ways to delete it.

1. Blogs

Blogs are public by default. You can easily make a blog private by clicking the "privacy" button when editing the blog. In the privacy settings, simply select "make blog private". You control who can see your blog by entering the emails of people whom you want to be able to see it. They will need to be logged in to Jauntlet with an account using these emails to see your blog. Some metadata and the route image are always exposed publicly in order to allow you to share your blog on sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can delete a blog by going to the blog and clicking "delete blog" on the web or "menu" then "delete blog" on mobile.

2. Photos

Photos have a separate privacy setting which you can access under "edit my info" then "privacy" on the web and under "more" and "privacy" on mobile. You can decide to show your photos only on your blog. If not, they are also shown on your profile and various aggregate pages on Jauntlet. The actual images files are always publicly available but the URLs to them are obfuscated and would be difficult for someone to guess or find. You can delete an photo by going to "add photos & locations" on the web or "photos" on mobile, clicking the "edit photo", then clicking "delete photo".

3. Profile

Your profile is partially visible publicly, and fully visible to logged in users. You can block individual users from viewing your full profile and messaging you with the "block" button on their profile page. You can delete your profile and account by going to "edit my info" then "delete" on the web or "more" then "delete account" on mobile.

Data Deletion

You can delete your data using the methods described above. You can also send an email to help@jauntlet.com and request your account to be deleted. You can disconnect your account from Facebook and delete your Facebook data through the "Apps and Websites" setting in Facebook. Please note that delete means delete and there is no way to recover your data once deleted.


You must actively opt in to receive news emails from Jauntlet. These are sent about four times per year. You will always receive functional emails such as forgotten passwords. You will also receive notifications from Jauntlet such as when someone comments on your blog. You can turn off notifications by going to "edit my info" then "email" on the web or "more" then "edit my information" then "email" on mobile.


Jauntlet uses cookies to keep you logged in and to store data to perform necessary functions on the site. Cookies are not used to track you.


Analytics are used to track the aggregate usage of Jauntlet. Individual users are not tracked.

Promotions and Demos

Some promotional material like screenshots may contain submitted content. Sometimes public demonstrations of Jauntlet may show submitted content. These will respect the privacy settings at the time.


If you have any disputes with this policy, please contact us at info AT jauntlet DOT com and we'll do our best to provide you with a prompt resolution.

Final Note

While a best effort is made to comply with this policy and your settings, there may be a bug or flaw that a nefarious person could use to access your private content. In the end, the best advice is always do not upload anything that you don't want the world to see even if you make it private. Go traveling, have amazing experiences, and then share them on Jauntlet.

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