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Apr 9, 2023 9:50am
Pictured is St. Mungo’s Cathedral. St. Mungo is said to have performed four miracles enabling him to become a saint. In the first, he is said to have restored life to the pet robin of St Serf. In the second he used branches of a tree to restart a fire at St Serf's monastery that had gone out because Mungo had fallen asleep while he was meant to be watching it. The third relates to a miraculous bell he brought back with him from Rome. And the fourth involved the story of Queen Languoreth of Strathclyde being accused of infidelity by her husband, King Riderich, who alleged she had given her wedding ring to her lover when, in reality, the king had himself thrown it into the river. Facing execution, the Queen appealed to St Mungo, who ordered a servant to catch a fish from the river. When the fish was cut open, the ring was found inside, demonstrating the Queen's innocence. Today the bird, tree, bell and fish form the four elements of the crest of Glasgow City Council.

Lunsfords in Scotland and Ireland

Mar 23 - Apr 17, 2023
Trip planned to begin in NYC and travel to Scotland and then Ireland in April 2023.

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