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San Fernando, La Union
Nov 18, 2019 3:49pm
A very small sampling of animals from Lubong road (ie. some of the creatures in our neighbourhood - not pictured: more stray cats, dogs, goats, chickens, butterflies, house lizards/geckos, spiders, and the many ubiquitous ants). First up, my new bodyguard: a chatty female grey tabby with a partially-missing tail I call Lil Miss Stubbs (Stubby for short), who is now our resident snake deterrent, paid a regular "protection fee" of table scraps from fish meals. She does an excellent job monitoring the perimeter of the property. As is customary in these parts, her relations (two other grey tabbies and a calico) will occasionally pop by to partake as well, but none are even close to being as well-mannered as Miss Stubbs. Next, a kid/baby goat that clambered up a rock on the side of our road while its mama grazed nearby. Finally, a 1/3" winged insect that alighted upon a clothes hanger while I was bringing in the laundry: sadly the pic does not capture the red metallic sheen to its shell.

Philippines WWII/Yokohama/Yanaka Research & Family Visit

Oct 31 - Nov 26, 2019
Oct. 31-Nov. 27: Tokyo, Yokohama, Manila, Bataan

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