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Apr 7, 2023 5:20pm
Toward the end of our day we were approaching Aviemore and I took this photo from the bus of the highlands in view in Cairngorms National Park with snow on the peaks. Interestingly the peaks in the highlands of Scotland are not very high in elevation but the country has a northern latitude in line with Newfoundland in North America making the timberline much lower in elevation than for example Colorado’s 11,000 feet, in fact as low as 1600 ft. Long term efforts are underway to increase forestation in Scotland and now approximately 10% of the highlands are forested up from a low of 3% right after WWII. Our evening was our own in Aviemore so we ate dinner in the hotel restaurant which is quite good and retired for the night.

Lunsfords in Scotland and Ireland

Mar 23 - Apr 17, 2023
Trip planned to begin in NYC and travel to Scotland and then Ireland in April 2023.

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