Jauntlet Privacy Policy

November 21, 2013

Because the main point of Jauntlet is to share a travel blog with friends and because most of your friends are probably not logged in to Jauntlet, your travel blog is always publicly visible.

Your check-ins are also publicly visible since they are on your blog. Check-ins are also shown elsewhere on Jauntlet. You can disable showing your check-ins everywhere but your blog and profile by going to "Edit My Info" then "Privacy".

Your profile is partially visible publicly, and fully visible to logged in users. You can block individual users from viewing your full profile and messaging you with the "block" button on their profile page.

When you register and use Jauntlet, you submit various information including your email, location, travel plans, messages, comments, check-ins, and photos. This is stored indefinitely and you can edit and delete it from various pages including "Edit My Info" and "Create and Share Travel Blogs". You can completely delete your account by going to "Edit My Info" then "Delete".

When registering, you are opted in to receive emails from Jauntlet. You can disable this by going to "Edit My Info" then "Email" or by following a link in an email received.

Jauntlet uses cookies to keep you logged in and to store data to perform necessary functions on the site. Cookies are not used to track you.

Analytics are used to track the aggregate usage of the site. Individual users are not tracked.

Please do not upload anything to Jauntlet that you don't want the world to see. Go traveling, have amazing experiences, then share them on Jauntlet.

If you have any disputes with this policy, please contact us at info AT jauntlet DOT com and we'll do our best to provide you with a prompt resolution.