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Port Kembla Beach
Feb 3, 2019 7:18pm
Today was a big day. Thankful that I had the support of my little family (also thankful for mum, dad and brother walking charlee while we were away). I thought I was ready to socialise her and be around dogs... not so as it turns out. I almost crumpled in a ball. Tears streamed down my face and became clammy. I couldn’t walk her... the anxiety built up so quickly and full on. I couldn’t even watch when a dog approached her. Last December, Charlee and I were on a morning walk. A walk that we had done almost daily for the previous 6 months. A dog jumped over its fence and attacked Charlee. It was very traumatic. I have scars on my knees as a daily reminder as I tried to save her (stupid I may have been but she is part of the family), my phone was smashed and I had to throw away the clothes I had on as I couldn’t stand the blood... the vet had told me Charlee had done everything she was meant to. All her injuries were on her belly, neck and legs. She had been submissive...

2019 Europe Vocation

Dec 27, 2018 - Feb 4, 2019

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