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Jun 8, 2018 11:03pm
Go somewhere you have never been. Do something new that seems ridiculous. Eat a food that scares you. Listen to people conversing in a language you don’t understand. Get out of your hometown and let strangers welcome you to theirs. Parts Unknown exposed the adventure of visiting everyday people to simply share a meal. Until you leave the confinement’s of your own culture, you can’t comprehend the vastness of the human race. People all over the world do things their way, speak their own words, live their own truth. Anthony Bourdain exposed the beauty in diversity and dared people to go see for themselves. The most valuable lessons I’ve learned have been from my travels and every country I visit I learn more about myself... because you can’t understand why you are how you are until you are somewhere that you are “not normal”. When you are the outsider, you don’t speak the language, you don’t know how to get where your trying to go, you have no clue what...


Jan 10, 2016 - Apr 2, 2019
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