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Ortigas Center Pasig City
Aug 11, 2018 10:28pm
This is an elderly couple that live in my building. They always have a ready smile whenever we cross paths with each other whether it be in the elevator, the lobby or the condominium drive way. What warms my heart whenever I would see them is the way they would look at each other and the way they would walk together. Yung tipong HHWWPSSP. (holding hands pasway-sway pa). Ito yung tunay na kayamanan. To still be affectionate with your significant other even when your skin is lined and wrinkled. May we all find a love that would stand the test of time. I know I found mine. Di ba Mike Furtive?

Traveling With Moykiedoodledo

Jul 7 - Sep 1, 2018
Travel is a wonderful experience but sharing it with the one you love makes the experience more magical

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