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Sep 3, 2018 12:00am
Beautiful South-Western Wisconsin. Unlike most of the Midwest, this region didn't get flatened out by the glaciers during the last ice-age, so rolling hills abound! Unfortunately all the water you see is the perfect breeding ground for millions of mosquitoes. American mosquitoes bite all day long -I don't know why German mosquitoes sleep all day and only get active after 8 pm. There are tons of biting critters around that are definitely reason number one for going back next August. These swamps are full of wildlife -turtles, racoons, deer, toads, frogs, opossums, snakes and skunks that like to run into your car. Telephone and electricty lines mostly runs above the ground in the US, that's why there are relatively many power cuts.

One Family, One Year, Just One Other Country

Aug 12 - 13, 2018
The date is drawing closer... We'll be heading to the US in four weeks! Let the adventure begin. I will use this blog to let colleagues and friends know what we are up to. I will try to post one photo every week that shows some cultural differences...

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