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Abbazia di Montecassino
Via Montecassino
May 18, 2019 1:22am
Day 9: Today my father was asked to be a part of a documentary film that was being produced on the hills of Monte Cassino. My brother George and nephew Matthew Marcin went up into the hills to be a part of this surreal experience. Ironically enough my father was wounded on this day on May 17, 1944 - the friend that was a part of this documentary carried him to the doktors house after being wounded by shrapnel in five places - he was wounded about 500 meters from here. Today they removed this story on the hills. There are 1000 polish boy scouts here that will participate in the big ceremony tomorrow and are camped in the hills. They listened intently to their stories.

75th Anniversary Tour - Poland and Italy Walter Szwender

May 9 - Jul 7, 2019
75 years after the battle - My father, Walter Szwender and myself with my brothers and nephew are taking this incredible journey to honor him and all his friends who passed.

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