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Leo941 London, United Kingdom: After a turbulent 13 hour hour flight, we are here in jolly old London! Very picturesque and remarkably warmer than anticipated. Off to get some dinner before a recharging sleep before another massive day. #EE14

Luci Los Angeles, United States: L.A-Paris-Prague již tradičně v doprovodu Starbucks Iced Vanilla Latte @ Starbucks Evenings ☕️ #omwhome

Jay Lee London, United Kingdom: It's London O'clock

rob422lv Las Vegas, United States: with Heather

Lisa801 Long Beach, United States: Bags are gone and now we can relax and enjoy a little treat in the sky priority lounge!

Jay Lee London, United Kingdom: At St. Paul's

Janet Claire London, United Kingdom: Hello?

Jay Lee London, United Kingdom: Triceratops

rob422lv Las Vegas, United States: Christmas party.

Jay Lee London, United Kingdom: Not a fan of the old times bicycles, eh?

Jo141 Vancouver, Canada: Warming up with a hot curry... and a massive beer (no bubbly on the menu!)

Leo941 Narita, Japan: Ready for our 13 hour flight to London.

ccheng Sacramento, United States: Lunch.

Jay Lee London, United Kingdom: One New Change balcony

Alfisme Fort Worth, United States: Sydney Faulk in Cattle Maze at Fort Worth Stockyards

Alfisme San Antonio, United States: Blast

brittney_mann Sucre, Bolivia: ❤️ my new amigos. #teamsanti #santacruz #bolivia @rachelvalerieee @congtn @plantingts @chrisvanwinklemi @ultrarunner54321

Alfisme Walker Park, United States: Long drive for Lulu

Jay Lee London, United Kingdom: Family business

Fiona591 Brisbane, Australia: Fulfilled one of my dreams today and cuddled a koala :)

Jay Lee London, United Kingdom: Triceratops

Bill Murray Orlando, United States: 4th and last stop on the crawl. Enjoy the floor to ceiling screen with sports!

Maddie Salta, Argentina: Turro

Erich Abra de Ilog, Philippines: Relaxing at the Infinity Pool

brittney_mann Turumá, Brazil: Ranch life #bonito #brazil

brittney_mann Sucre, Bolivia: Fun fact of the day: #sucre is a UNESCO world heritage site. @plantingts

Alfisme Oklahoma City, United States: One big bear!

Alfisme Galveston, United States: Bon Voyage!

Jay Lee London, United Kingdom: The Shard is putting on a light show

Janet Claire London, United Kingdom: Hello?

Mandowsky Tel Aviv, Israel: Um sabado agradavel no Parque Leumi de Ramat Gan

Mandowsky Tel Aviv, Israel: אני מקדיש לך, חמודה שלי

Mandowsky Masada, Israel: Galilee View

brittney_mann Bonito, Brazil: Natural water park in #bonito

Jay Lee London, United Kingdom: Merry Christmas from the London Eye

dianahartley21 Solvang, United States: Great time in hotel! We played Trouble, watched movies, read our books, drew and had some snacks!

Jay Lee London, United Kingdom: Hay's Galleria

Jay Lee London, United Kingdom: Not a fan of the old times bicycles, eh?

Leo941 Narita, Japan: Arrived safe in Tokyo Narita. Great flight. Beautiful welcomming people. Used my first vending machine successfully. It's a balmy 2 degrees.

Mandowsky Tel Aviv, Israel: Torre árabe de Jaffa

Jo141 Vancouver, Canada: Magic..

monmaneerat Bangkok, Thailand: Time Fly!

Bill Murray Tampa, United States: New location! Always a good diner!

Nurul471 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Konsert Search Live in Istana Budaya

Janet Claire London, United Kingdom: Back at Heathrow boarding a small plane for a long flight to Brussels (3 hours).

Jay Lee London, United Kingdom: Old and the new

Mandowsky Tel Aviv, Israel: Parte Árabe da cidade antiga de Jerusalem

Anthony831 Melbourne, Australia:

Jay Lee London, United Kingdom: The Shard and Southwark Cathedral

Jay Lee London, United Kingdom: Light Shiw

Leo941 Gold Coast, Australia: At Coolangatta Airport. Let the adventures begin. #itsfiveoclocksomewhere #EE14

John E Mexico, Mexico: Honking and Jesus are BIG here.

Paul861 Monogram Square, United States: Bunkering down for the day. At the San Angelo State Park. #SanAngelo #Texas #StatePark #Camping #NotSoGreatToGoRiding

Mandowsky Tel Aviv, Israel: Final de tarde na Orla de Tel Aviv

Mandowsky São Paulo, Brazil: Dentro do parque Guell

Karen141 San Jose, United States: Me digs

Regina431 Hot Springs, United States: The #PostCard I sent my husband from #Rome last month arrived!

Michael531 New York, United States: Looking at dinosaurs

Ron Hayden Florence, Italy: Just passing through on the way to Florence. — with Anna

Jay Lee London, United Kingdom: Biplane

Mandowsky Tel Aviv, Israel: Em kibbutz banamal
קיבוץ בנמל

Mandowsky State of Israel, Israel: אמנון ולולי
Amnon e Lulli

Photorec Brattleboro, United States: Sit down dinner and drinking a jalapeño pineapple margarita and it is freaking SPICEY

Mandowsky Jerusalem, : É assim que agradecemos nossos soldados, fazendo dedicatória e agradecendo a todos os nossos soldados nos pontos de ônibus. Patriotismo é algo que eu amo. E por isso confio tanto no nosso exercito, temos história, temos inteligencia e isso já basta para nos defendermos.

Jo141 Vancouver, Canada: Our last evening in Vancouver. A quick drink before heading out for dinner..

Lisa801 Long Beach, United States: So excited for our trip!!!

Michael531 New York, United States: Not shopping. But doing the other thing we love in NYC. Eating.

dianahartley21 Solvang, United States: The greatest selection of antique accessories, distressed tables, table top accessories, handmade items, ect.

Ron Hayden Venice, Italy: It's raining, but we are on vacation........ — with Anna

katie.sparks Austin, United States: Hat for cold day

Michael531 New York, United States: Walking in the snow in SOHO, couldn't resist returning for tea

Paul861 Paint Creek Park, United States: A flat ride today and the distant mountains mocking us. #wildwildwest #Texas #WestTexas #cloudy

Alfisme Oklahoma City, United States: Sydney and the Tigger 2

Alfisme Airport City, United States: Hump Day

Joe Pesky Seoul, South Korea: And so it begins! 8ish hours 1st leg! Good to have Mikey Jee on board too.

Mandowsky Masada, Israel: Uma das fotos mais lindas que já fiz, no final da tarde no Kineret

אחת התמונות היפות ביותר שעשיתי אי פעם בשעתי אחר הצהריים המאוחרות בכנרת

Mandowsky Tel Aviv, Israel: זהב ירושלים שלי
Minha Jerusalem de ouro

brittney_mann Bonito, Brazil: #whoworeitbetter @plantingts or #mrbean

Erich Calapan, Philippines: After a relaxing massage, looking for Apple Juice

Alfisme Oklahoma City, United States:

Alfisme Miami, United States:

brittney_mann Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia: #piranha fishing

Yifat Tulum, Mexico: עילי נרדם על הספה

Nurul471 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: "Are you ready to rock?!!"

Paul971 Philadelphia, United States: Gives new meaning to shop till u drop!

Chris Shaff Indianapolis, United States: Counting Crows!!

Chris Shaff Amity, United States: We are December ready! @megshaff #HappyHolidays

Bill Murray Orlando, United States: Gotta check out the Osborne lights! — with Debbie

Jay Lee London, United Kingdom: Merry Christmas from the London Eye

Alfisme San Antonio Zodil, Mexico:

Zack N Sarah Bangkok, Thailand: The giant lizard we were lucky enough to see at Lumphini Park!

Yifat Tulum, Mexico: היום עבר לאט ובזהירות...
התחלנו בטבילה בבריכה בקומפלקס. המשכנו בביקור אישי של רופא, עבור האוזן הכואבת של רועי... (אל דאגה, דלקת גרון, אנטיביוטיקה וגם זה יעבור)
ביקור בים- כי חייבים, גם אם יורד גשם וכבר עוד מעט מחשיך!
וסיימנו בארוחה ביתית אמיתית- פינוק שהתחיל בשבוע האחרון בזכות שהשכרנו דירה עם מטבח!!
עייפים אך כמו תמיד מרוצים
עילי מתכונן לטבילה בבריכה הקרה

monmaneerat Bangkok, Thailand: happy father's day! #krambkk

canadianraven Ajax, Canada: Someone's gotta wear the pants & get the lights on the roof.... #christmaslights #christiaanchicken

Maddie San Telmo, Argentina: Weekend in Iguàzu. Saw one of the seven wonders of the world, Iguàzu Falls. Went ziplining in the jungle, and abseiled down a waterfall. Such a great weekend!

Jo141 Vancouver, Canada: Back for a more leisurely look. And look what we saw on the way to the bus stop, the cutest poodle ever with a pink jacket and matching shoes

Jo141 Vancouver, Canada:

Alfisme Galveston, United States: Carnival Triumph

John E Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: #Paradiso

Val641 บ้านกุดหูลิง, Thailand: Fun times in Thailand!!!